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Say the only thing more difficult than peace between Israel and the Palestinians is health care, Trump told reporters traveling with him. I think we going to have something that really good and that people are going to like. Is waiting and eager to sign health legislation: will be at my desk, pen in hand! he tweeted on Friday..

Vecchi pneumatici si trasformano in Gasolio, metano e ferro. Bruciare i copertoni produce inquinanti altamente tossici come le diossine. Ma se invece i copertoni finiscono nel microonde, le cose cambiano: il gruppo Caf di Firenze, insieme al dipartimento di Chimica della locale Universit ha creato uno speciale forno a microonde, Tyrebirth, che, anzich incenerire gli pneumatici vecchi, li scompone per trarne elementi riutilizzabili come gasolio, metano e ferro.

And so we did a systematic sample in three different traditionally ISIS held areas near Mosul. And we looked at every single airstrike in each of these areas. They were downtown Qaiyara, Shura, and the Aden district of East Mosul.And what we found or what we were trying to figure out was which number of airstrikes of the total number of airstrikes in those areas had resulted in civilian deaths or casualties, and then from that to determine which one of those were coalition airstrikes, so that we could get a reliable sense of how effectively this campaign was going, because, when you look at the coalition’s own statements about this, they boast that this is the most precise air campaign in the history of warfare.And I really wanted to know if that was the case.We found that precision might not matter if the intelligence is wrong.And of the 103 airstrikes we looked at, there were 20 civilian casualty incidents of airstrikes, and in about half of those, there appeared to be no discernible target nearby, no ISIS target, suggesting either poor or faulty intelligence.So, if you don’t have the right target in mind and you’re conflating civilians with combatants, your precision may not matter, because if you’re hitting a house the way you want in that exact way, it doesn’t matter, if the target itself is an incorrect target.Yes, their own YouTube videos, their own previous statements, their own public admissions or what they have acknowledged as civilian casualty incidents.

PER SEI mesi ha corretto esercizi, coordinato diverse attivit risposto alle domande pi varie. E nessuno, tra gli studenti con cui aveva interagito, si accorto di nulla. “Lei” si chiama Jill Watson, ed l di un corso online in intelligenza artificiale organizzato dalla Georgia Institute of Technology.

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