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SMC Bathroom Pods

Brand : Bossman

Product origin : Jiangsu,China

Delivery time : 25 days after receiving the deposit

Supply capacity : 1000 sets/month

About SMC

Sheet moulding compound (SMC) is a ready to mould glass-fibre reinforced polyester material primarily used in compression moulding. Typical applications include demanding electrical applications, corrosion resistant needs, automotive, and transit.

Standard configuration

Body: SMC waterproof board, SMC wall panels, SMC ceiling board, PVC door, drain 

Inside:washing(washstand, water nozzle , towel shelf,Mirror,square commodity shelf);
bathroom( toilet, tissue dispenser);
bath(shower curtain, towel shelf, mirror,exhaust fan,five hole waterproof connector).



 Model: BSM-SMC1014
 Inner size: 1000*1400*2250mm  ( Installation size: 1150*1550*2500mm )           
 Square meters:1.4㎡
 Frame:polished aluminium frame
 Glass thickness:8mm tempered glass
 Function: shower and toilet                                                   

SMC bathroom pods SMC1216 .jpg

 Model: BSM-SMC1216
 Inner size: 1200*1600*2250mm  ( Installation size: 1350*1750*2500mm )                      
 Square meters:1.92㎡
 Frame:polished aluminium frame
 Glass thickness:8mm tempered glass
 Function: shower and toilet  

Smc bathroom pods SMC1318.jpg

 Model: BSM-SMC1318
 Inner size: 1300*1800*2250mm  ( Installation size: 1450*1950*2500mm )
 Square meters:2.34㎡
 Frame:polished aluminium frame
 Glass thickness:8mm tempered glass
 Function: shower and toilet                                                     

SMC bathroom pods SMC1418 .jpg

 Model: BSM-SMC1418
 Inner size: 1400*1800*2250mm  ( Installation size: 1550*1950*2500mm )
 Square meters:2.52㎡
 Frame:polished aluminium frame
 Glass thickness:8mm tempered glass
 Function: shower and toilet                                                 

SMC bathroom pods SMC1420.jpg

 Model: BSM-SMC1420
 Inner size: 1400*2000*2250mm  ( Installation size: 1550*2150*2500mm )
 Square meters:2.56㎡
 Frame:polished aluminium frame
 Glass thickness:8mm tempered glass
 Function: shower and toilet

SMC bathroom pods SMC1620.jpgSMC bathroom pods SMC1620.jpgSMC bathroom pods SMC1420.jpg  Model: BSM-SMC1620
 Inner size: 1600*2000*2250mm  ( Installation size: 1750*2150*2500mm ) 
 Square meters:3.2㎡
 Frame:polished aluminium frame
 Glass thickness:8mm tempered glass
 Function: shower and toilet                                                  

Available SMC inner wall pattern

SMC bathroom pod inner wall pattern

Product description

1. The new industrialization of our products with independent bathroom, frame structure and supporting function, a set of molding products is an independent functional units, according to the need of using to transfer in any environment, such as hotel, residential, hospitals, cruise ships, container house, aircraft and so on. This year, with the development of urban functional transformation and pension industry, new vitality has been injected into our company's products. The company produces FRP and SMC two kinds of materials of the whole bathroom, is widely used.

2. Numerical control press standardization production,put an end to the manual error,constant quality.

3. About our product-modern assembly line production to ensure the whole bathroom every part of the standard specifications and stable quality.





 1. light weight, high strength 

2. never leak

3. be re-layout

4. reduce labor  and daily cleaning costs

5. less installation time

6. easy and convenient to install

7. best after-sale service

Our service

1. MOQ:1 set

2. OEM accept: We can produce as client's demand

3. Good Quality: We have strict quality control system good reputation on the market

4. Factory price

5. Installation instructions and video

6. Best after-sales service

7. Package: as customer required

8. Sample is available

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